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The riveting Dark Amulet series concludes with Her Black Death. 

Tortured and exiled, Abaddon has been driven from the Netherworld... 

After his selfish ways cost the fallen angel his title as Supreme Demon Ruler, Abaddon is homeless and despised. Neither of which will prevent him from risking everything to save the soul of the only woman he’s ever loved. Hazel is lost out in the world, and Abaddon will stop at nothing to find her. 

Hazel’s grip on reality is slipping...

Bestowed with a task by the new Demon Ruler, Hazel knows she mustn’t fail the Empress. What her clouded mind can’t piece together is that a successful mission means all humans on Earth will be destroyed or enslaved.

It’s a rush against time that forces the fallen angel to seek help from those he’s hurt most. Hazel holds the key to humanity’s salvation. Can Abaddon get through to her before all hope is lost? 

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