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Officer Ryan Rudy dislikes the holiday season. Two years ago his wife died tragically. While everyone around him excitedly planned their celebrations, he was making funeral arrangements. Now, picking up extra shifts throughout this festive time, giving his fellow officers time with their families, is the only thing that brings him joy. And he manages just fine. Alone. Thank you very much. The last thing he wants is someone complicating his uncomplicated life. Even if she’s a beautiful woman in need of his help.


One cold night proves miracles can happen though...


Abducted and thrown in a trunk of a car, Angela narrowly escapes her captors. She stumbles into the Webster Police Department scared, and on the brink of hypothermia. Broke, alone, and with no place to go in a strange town, she finds a reluctant savior in Ryan. And bonus, he’s the sexiest cop she’s ever seen.


However, when her abductors catch up to her, they threaten everything she’s never known she wanted. Love. And a place that feels like home. 

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