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Julia lives by her own rules. Hired for her innocent looks by a man with dubious business practices, she can thwart off any entanglements with law enforcement. She’s invaluable until her boss discovers the secret behind her beguiling ways—a dark amulet poisoned by the Devil with unimaginable power. And he will do anything to obtain the sigil for himself.


Obsession can be deadly, and Julia pays with her life…


Death doesn’t stop her from wanting the amulet back, and Julia is willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means losing her soul to the Devil. Her fixation isn’t all her fault, though. A fallen angel unwittingly gave her the infected amulet years ago. To correct his mistake, Ra’zael the Guardian is sent to guide her toward choosing a different path. However, when passion ignites between them, her obsession puts both their souls at risk. Love has the ability to change people, but will it be strong enough to battle the evil lingering in her black heart?

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