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A soul in danger of condemnation.

A neurotic angel sent to help.

Is their love doomed from the start?

Amalya has always been selfish. Whenever her life wasn’t going the way she wanted, she blamed others and walked away. She ruined everything and every relationship she ever had, ultimately turning to crime to get by. Eventually, she faces a terrible choice; save herself or a child from a violent death. But one look at the scared little boy, and she knows there’s only one choice. She can’t let him die even if it means she won’t survive.

Death awaited her but so did the Devil…

Due to her altruistic good deed, she earns a chance at redemption, and Elliott the Redeemer is dispatched to rescue Amalya from the realm of the Damned and help in her quest for salvation. The neurotic angel has problems of his own, though. Past failures have left him feeling worthless, and she quickly learns she’s not the only one who needs saving.

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