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Amalya Rivers longs to die and end her lonely existence—but it doesn’t work out that way…


A former runaway turned criminal, Amalya is murdered and thrust into a treacherous world full of red-skinned, horned beasts under the control of the Demon Ruler, Abaddon, instead of enjoying peace and serenity like she hoped. But saving a young child from a certain brutal death in the last moments of her life has earned her a chance at salvation. 


Elliott the Redeemer wants no part in saving another soul…

Julia Dunham is a monster. Her heart has been consumed by an amulet meant to create terror…


As a young girl, Julia received an amulet tainted by Abaddon, the Supreme Demon of the Netherworld, and the sigil slowly corrupts her heart. The power of the deceptive pendant gains the attention of her former employer, Maurice. He sends thugs to murder Julia and steal the amulet. 


Immediately upon her death, Abaddon traps her on Earth, leaving her obsessed with retrieving the amulet. Julia must find a way to overcome her deadly obsession or be responsible for unleashing thousands of demons on humanity.


Humans call it Hell. She calls it home…


Evita the Warrior has no memory of the life she led as an angel before her fall. The only place she knows is the fiery world full of goat-demons and animal-headed beasts. Despite many opportunities to flee, she chooses to remain. 


Virgil the Redeemer lost his mate centuries ago and has given up all hope of finding her…

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Freya is a villain, blaming herself for her father’s sins. Despite everyone telling her she was also his victim, she can’t quite wash the blood from her hands. She turns to black magic for protection from the negativity and evil spirits surrounding her life. However, her spells are weak against the power of the poisoned amulet in her possession. Her soul is in danger of damnation. Even worse, she wants nothing to do with the angel sent to save her.

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The riveting Dark Amulet series concludes with Her Black Death. 


Tortured and exiled, Abaddon has been driven from the Netherworld... 


After his selfish ways cost the fallen angel his title as Supreme Demon Ruler, Abaddon is homeless and despised. Neither of which will prevent him from risking everything to save the soul of the only woman he’s ever loved. Hazel is lost out in the world, and Abaddon will stop at nothing to find her. 


Fireproof is a standalone novella set in the Dark Amulet Series world, featuring Berus and Jeremiah.

I am demon. 

I've never known the kind touch of another. Love and empathy are foreign to me. Emotions that I didn't know I possessed until Jeremiah walked into my life.

My angel was stolen from me and now I want him back. If rescuing him destroys me, so be it.

I protect what's mine.

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One secret could destroy them all in this epic saga about love, ancient secrets, and betrayal...


Humans fear the dark, hiding from bloodthirsty demons prowling the night searching for their next victim.


There’s only one thing that can save humans from extinction—an elite squad of warriors. Part human and part demon, these fighters known as the Bator Patrol Guard are the only ones willing to take on this battle, even though they’re shunned by the humans themselves.


Ellie is heart-broken when her crush dies right in front of her. The dreams she had of someday being in his arms fade with his mysterious death. As his spirit slips away she discovers the connection she feels for him isn’t one-sided after all.

One year later, Bowie returns as a ghost only she can see and he desperately needs her help...

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