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The Dark Amulet Series Insider's Guide


Reading Order
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Elliott & Amalya
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Ra'zael & Julia
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Virgil & Evita
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Joelle & Freya
Jere & Berus
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Abaddon & Hazel
  • Do I need an agent?
    This is a personal decision based on your particular goals as an author. If you've dreamed of being on the shelves of a brick and mortar bookstore than more than likely you will need an agent. If you are only interested in self-publishing then you do not need an anget per se, however, there are agents that represent foreign and other subsidiary rights that you may find beneficial. Again, this all depends on your goals. If you are someone who would prefer a small press or publisher that takes unsolicited manuscripts than an agent may not be necessary.
  • I'm not published, can I still call myself an author?"
    Yes! Some authors wait years before they sell a manuscript, this doesn't make them any less of an author than Stephen King.
  • Do you recommend I join a critique group?
    In the beginning of your writing journey I would say this is probably a good idea for a couple of reasons. The first reason being is your friends and family are probably going to give you less than honest feedback. You don't need "This is great" or "Good job", you need constructive criticism on how to make your story better. And don't worry everyone has room to improve, even bestsellers. Secondly,
  • What's your writing process like?
    When I first started writing I pants it (wrote from the seat of my pants) all the way. I quickly learned this doesn't always work. Each book is different though. Sometimes the characters are cooperative and sometimes they need a little proding to get going. Now, I will write a loose outline before I start including the climax of the story. I mostly adhere to the outline but often the characters show me a different path and I follow them.
  • How long does it take for you to write a book?
    This can vary anywhere from a month to a year. This depends on the book and if I let myself get off track. I tend to get what I call "squirrel syndrome." Basically, I'm like a dog (author) and I get easily distracted by squirrels (story ideas or other writing opporntunities). Note: Please accept my apologies if you are waiting for a particular book from me. I swear, I'm most likely working on it.
  • How do I find my voice?
    Write. The more you write the faster you'll discover your style, common themes, and types of characters you perfer writing. I tend to write fast-paced, character driven stories with strong heroines and a common theme for me is redemption.
Series Playlist
Character Interviews
The Dark Amulet Series: My conversation with Abaddon, Supreme Demon Ruler of Netherworld…

Please note: I believe he added the “Supreme” part to his title. ;) Also let me give you an idea of what he looks like on Earth. He’s an eight foot tall horned beast with lines etched into his ebony colored skin. His eyes are sapphire and he has a tail and cloven hooves. Inside his realm, he looks like a beautiful man despite the horns on his head.

I’m excited that Abaddon has agreed to an interview. He explains to me that he’s eager to tell his side of the story. I have a set of questions ready to throw at him, but things don’t go quite as planned.


AJ: Thank you for coming to speak to me today.


Aba: Uh huh. *He makes a get on with it gesture with his hand. He’s impatient and starts lazily swinging his tail back and forth and grins like the Cheshire Cat. I focus on not rolling my eyes.*


AJ: This interview was your idea. *I remind him and clear my throat. Despite my annoyance with his rudeness I can’t help but feel the power emanate from him.* Many of my readers like you for some reason…


Aba: *He cuts me off.* I’m not surprised. I have that effect on most females.


AJ: Yeah. Well, I said many, not most. Can you tell me what type of angel you are?


Aba: I’m not an angel.


AJ: Okay, What type of angel were you?


Aba: The best kind. I was king of the angels. *Clearly a self-proclaimed title. LOL*


AJ: Is there such a thing? I know there’s a hierarchy and different planes of existence for angels but isn’t there only one, to use your word, “king” of angels?


Aba: *His eyebrows rise.*  I see what you’re getting at, but Deus isn’t the only true king.


AJ: He’s not?


Aba: No! *He raises his voice but remains with his arms folded across his chest, leaning against the side of the portal he opened up.*


AJ: How did you wind up in Netherworld? Were you cast out of Arcadia (heaven)? Did you have a falling out with Deus?


Aba: We had a difference of opinion. And no, I wasn’t cast out. I chose to fall.


AJ: Difference of opinion about what?


Aba: Many things.


AJ: Like what? Can you give me an example?


Aba: I was in charge of the angels and He disagreed.


AJ: *I stifle a smile.* To me it doesn’t seem like anyone is in charge. The angels respect Deus but seem to have their own ways of doing things. He merely guides them.


Aba: Intriguing… You’re wrong though. He has more control over them than you think. He’s everywhere and in everything. It’s like living in a fish bowl.


AJ: Not Netherworld.


Aba: His energy can enter Netherworld. Believe me. Can’t stay long, but nonetheless…he came when Amalya sacrificed herself to save that weasel Elliott. Bartered for her soul.


AJ: She deserved a second chance. Don’t you think?


Aba: Not for me to decide.


AJ: But you wanted to keep her.


Aba: I’m over it. I was over it before she left me.


AJ: *Left you? I knew it, he’s not over her.* Just so you know, I don’t believe you.


Aba: *He sighs heavily.* I’m done with this conversation. Goodbye.


AJ: Can you at least tell me what type of angel you are?


Aba: Were. And no. Read about it in my book. *He steps back and closes the portal.*


AJ: But I haven’t written it yet. *I yell as the portal collapses.*


Aba: Not my problem!


*Thanks a lot.*

Interview with Ra'zael (aka Aza'zel) from the Dark Amulet Series (Her Black Heart)

AJ: Tell me something about you that no one knows.


Raz: Hmm…I love Count Chocula Cereal. I discovered it last Halloween. It’s a terrible thing that you can only find it once a year.


AJ: Why don’t you just manifest it?


Raz: Can’t manifest food because the ingredients are plant or animal based.


AJ: Interesting…I always wondered why you guys bought food and now I know. Tell me about what happened between you and Joelle. You had some affair?


Raz: *snorts* You ask the hard questions, don’t you? Let’s just say he and I have issues still but more because he wronged me than anything that happened between us. 


AJ: He helped you with Julia?


Raz: That’s a start. I’d rather not talk about that, though. I’m sure Joelle will tell you all about it in his book.


AJ: In three words how would you describe yourself?


Raz: Devoted…Julia would probably tell you serious, so that, I guess. And patient.


AJ: Where are you and Julia living these days?


Raz: Mainly in Arcadia (author’s note: what angel’s call their home realm). Julia loves it there even though she still has trouble in the aviation department.


AJ: She still hasn’t mastered flying yet?


Raz: Nope, but I have faith she’ll figure it all out. There’s only so much I can teach her.


AJ: Well, good luck to her and thank you.


Raz: Thank you and you’re welcome.

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Character Interviews
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