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Authors & Dancers Against Cancer 2024

Perrysburg, OH

April 27, 2024

Available for Pre-order!

Hearts, Panties & Magic

Melt your panties off with this compelling three-book box set from award-winning and bestselling authors.

Rub Me The Right Way by A.J. Norris. Can love conquer death? A dying woman is gifted with an antique bottle, but little does she know the real present is hiding inside.

Wolf Of My Heart by D.A. Henneman. Can true love find those who don't want to be found? After a full moon and another blackout, a werewolf finds a mysterious pair of panties in his bed. Curious to know where they came from, he follows the scent trail to a sexy elf. Now, he's in real trouble.

Rub Me Tender by R.C. Matthews. Can curses be broken? A genie fantasizes about the day she is no longer bound to serve the Sultan, but that can only happen if someone loves her without any expectations in return—a hard feat when your sole purpose is to grant wishes.

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