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Get ready to be swept away by a paranormal romance series featuring angels and demons. The dark fantasy with heart will leave you breathless. Join the thrilling journey and experience the ultimate battle between good and evil.


Amalya has always been selfish. Whenever her life wasn’t going the way she wanted, she blamed others and walked away. She ruined everything and every relationship she ever had, ultimately turning to crime to get by. Eventually, she faces a terrible choice; save herself or a child from a violent death. But one look at the scared little boy, and she knows there’s only one choice. She can’t let him die even if it means she won’t survive.

Death awaited her but so did the Devil…

Due to her altruistic good deed, she earns a chance at redemption, and Elliott the Redeemer is dispatched to rescue Amalya from the realm of the Damned and help in her quest for salvation. The neurotic angel has problems of his own, though. Past failures have left him feeling worthless, and she quickly learns she’s not the only one who needs saving.


Julia lives by her own rules. Hired for her innocent looks by a man with dubious business practices, she can thwart off any entanglements with law enforcement. She’s invaluable until her boss discovers the secret behind her beguiling ways—a dark amulet poisoned by the Devil with unimaginable power. And he will do anything to obtain the sigil for himself.

Obsession can be deadly, and Julia pays with her life…

Death doesn’t stop her from wanting the amulet back, and Julia is willing to do whatever it takes, even if this means losing her soul to the Devil. Her fixation isn’t all her fault, though. A fallen angel unwittingly gave her the infected amulet years ago. To correct his mistake, Ra’zael the Guardian is sent to guide her toward choosing a different path. However, when passion ignites between them, her obsession puts both their souls at risk. Love has the ability to change people, but will it be strong enough to battle the evil lingering in her black heart?


Evita lost herself when she accidentally fell. The memories of her life as a Warrior angel were hidden from her mind by the Devil. Convinced she’s a demon and belongs in the realm of the Damned, she’s endured the fiery world away from her real home for two centuries. Virgil lost his mate when she sacrificed herself to save another from falling. He’s been adrift without her, leading him to reckless behaviors. Eventually, a stupid choice gets him captured by the Devil. Even though he’s dragged to Hell against his will, he sees his imprisonment as an opportunity to rescue Evita. When their escape is made too easy, they wonder what’s going on.

Evita holds a secret the Devil wants to know…

However, the secret is buried deep within her mind. The Devil wants to lay waste to the Earth and hopes setting Evita free will unlock her memories and bring him closer to his deadly plans. She can’t let this happen, though, and she will fight to the death to stop him.


Freya has sworn off all men. The protection spell she cast should have done the trick and kept everyone away. And it was working until Joelle showed up and wouldn’t leave her alone, claiming he’s an angel sent to save her soul. Crazy as this sounds, she cannot deny her attraction to him or the comfort he provides whenever he’s around. However, she’s struggling to overcome a traumatic past, and he invokes emotions in her that are just too overwhelming.

She blames herself for her father’s sins…

Joelle can relate to her struggles. He’s plagued with guilt over the hurt he caused another. But Freya needs help even if she doesn’t want it. She has a dark amulet created to corrupt its wearer. Convincing Freya he’s an angel will be difficult. Persuading her to give up the amulet before she suffers the consequences might just be…impossible. Is he crazy, or is her soul really in danger?


Tortured and exiled, Abaddon has been driven from the Netherworld... After his selfish ways cost the fallen angel his title as Supreme Demon Ruler, Abaddon is homeless and despised. Neither of which will prevent him from risking everything to save the soul of the only woman he’s ever loved. Hazel is lost out in the world, and Abaddon will stop at nothing to find her.

Hazel’s grip on reality is slipping...

Bestowed with a task by the new Demon Ruler, Hazel knows she mustn’t fail the Empress. What her clouded mind can’t piece together is that a successful mission means all humans on Earth will be destroyed or enslaved. It’s a rush against time that forces the fallen angel to seek help from those he’s hurt most. Hazel holds the key to humanity’s salvation. Can Abaddon get through to her before all hope is lost?

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